PESCO Helpline

The Peshawar Electricity Supply Company (PESCO) understands the importance of providing easy and accessible services to its consumers. From bill payments to downloading duplicate bills and seeking assistance, PESCO offers various online services. In this guide, we’ll walk you through how to access the PESCO Helpline for your convenience.

PESCO Helpline Numbers & Email Addresses: 

For emergencies and complaints, PESCO provides the following UAN (Universal Access Number) and email addresses:

Contacting PESCO’s Respective Circles:

If you need assistance specific to your region, you can contact the following PESCO circles:

  • Peshawar: 091-9212523
  • Khyber: 091-9217576
  • Mardan: 0937-9230288
  • Swabi: 0938-221209
  • Swat: 0946-9240367
  • Abbottabad: 0992-9310089
  • Mansehra: 0997-920018
  • Bannu: 0928-613173

Pesco Bill Helpline FAQs:

Q: How can the issue of low voltage in my area be resolved?

If there are low voltage problems in your area, it’s advisable to contact the SDO/XEN/SE (Sub-Divisional Officer/Executive Engineer/ Superintending Engineer) responsible for your locality. They will assess the issue and, if necessary, refer it to PESCO Headquarters for augmentation work.

Q: What steps should be taken to extend the electricity load for commercial purposes?

PESCO provides an A & A (Application & Agreement) form for load extension. To increase your load, you must deposit the difference in security between your sanctioned load and the applied load. Additionally, you’ll be required to cover the following charges:

  • Cost of materials needed for load extension.
  • Any subsidies or benefits received during the initial capital connection cost for your new PESCO Connection must also be repaid.

Q: What should I do if I continue to receive PESCO bills under the previous homeowner’s name?

The process for changing the name on the bill is identical to the one prescribed for new connections.

Q: My new PESCO electricity meter runs faster than the old one. What can be done about this?

The difference in meter speeds is because the new meter is operating correctly and efficiently. Over time, older meters can become slower due to internal or external factors.

Q: How can dangerous wires and poles be relocated from doorways to prevent accidents?

Poles and electricity wires are typically installed before the construction of houses or buildings. If you wish to relocate them, you must visit the executive engineer operation of your area. They will prepare a chart estimating the cost of relocating poles and wires, which will be the applicant’s responsibility.

In conclusion, PESCO offers a range of services and a helpful helpline to cater to the needs of its consumers. Whether you require assistance with billing, load extension, or resolving electrical issues, PESCO is committed to providing accessible and efficient solutions to ensure a smooth customer experience.